Monday, May 11, 2009

Pesticide Training Class

Thomas County Extension will have a pesticide training class coming up on May 13th, Wednesday, starting at 9 AM until 12 AM.

This training program is designed for: New private pesticide license applicants and as a continuing education credit for private and commercial license. This class is typically for individuals in the agriculture sector, such as farming, landscaping, or forestry.

The program agenda will be:
8:30 Registration Check In
9:00 Pesticides
11:00 Break
11:15 Application Equipment
11:45 Test for new private pesticide license
12:00 End of program

Registration for the program is $10, and the deadline to register is Tuesday, May 12th. Space is limited, so please reserve your spot by contacting the office at 229.225.4130 or email us at with the subject - Pesticide Training. The office is located at 227 West Jefferson Street, across from the Thomasville library.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Thomas County Peanut Update + On Farm Variety Trial

Thomas County Peanut Update + On Farm Variety Trial

Dr. John Beasley discusses a peanut variety trial with Thomas County Extension Agent R.J. Byrne on a Thomas County Plantation. 8 Varieties will be tested on farm.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thomas County Prison Vegetable Garden Project

Thomas County Extension Agent R.J. Byrne and Thomas County Prison Warden Robert Greer have started a vegetable garden at the Thomas County Prison.
Byrne and the Thomas County Master Gardeners will work with the Warden and the inmates to grow and harvest vegetables at the prison garden to reduce prison food costs and help teach inmates a new skill. Goals of this pilot project include helping to reduce food costs and expanding the size of the garden in future years.

Inmates grow their veggies in Thomasville

By Christian Jennings -

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomas county inmates have a new horticulture detail...their new vegetable garden on prison property off County Farm Road needs people to tend it.

That garden could end up saving tens of thousands of dollars in food costs.

It's not your typical garden. Here farmers are replaced with inmates and they're growing vegetables they'll eat at the prison dinner table.

"Today we're starting the planting," said RJ Byrne.

Thomas County extension agent RJ Byrne and Warden Robert Greer came up with the idea as a unique way to cope with rising food costs.

"On a weekly basis we spend about $5,000 for a week of food supply and of that probably $1000 or more in vegetables, in produce and we invested probably less than $1000 in this project," said Warden Greer.

Here's an example of how much the prison will save. One kernel of corn produces three ears of corn. And the warden only paid ten dollars for a four pound bag.

Now compare that with what you pay at the farmer's market. Here corn is two for a dollar.

"We're going to grow corn, squash, tomatoes, beans, peppers, okra, and cucumbers," said Byrne.

But the soon to be colorful, delicious vegetables will benefit more than just you, the taxpayer. They'll provide inmates with a new skill to take with them when they leave their cell.

"They're really interested in the garden and a lot of them are already volunteering to be on a permanent detail for this," said the Warden.

"It's going to save money and these guys are going to be able to watch these grow and eat the reward," said Byrne.

But until then, these inmates are just planting seeds of saving.

The inmate's garden is just a pilot project right now.

The warden and extension agents will show the garden and the cost savings to county commissioners soon and hope to expand the garden with their support.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Quail Management Field Update - May 8th

2009 GA-FL Game Management Update Series
Come learn about the latest research and information on game management and tour plantations in the Red Hills region to view management techniques.

***Please see brochure for more information including registration***

The first in the series is Quail Management - May 8th - Sunnyhill Plantation

1. Developing a management plan for quail on your property
2. Aggressive rehab for timber, abused, and ignored lands in North FL/South GA
3. Fire and grassland birds
4. Benefits of quail management to non-target wildlife
5. Best native plants and vegetation for quail
6. National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative

Bring your camp chair.
Pre-register, no registration on site.

More information - 229.225.4130 -

Registration available on-line -