Sunday, October 31, 2010

What is happening in Cotton Research?

Listen to Dr. Guy Collins and R.J. Byrne on current research in cotton varieties.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Citrus Leaf Miner

In the photo you can see off white lines in the leaf surface. This is a leaf off a satsuma tree, and it has been infested with the citrus leaf miner. The leaf miner makes tunnels between the upper and lower leaf surface. This is a common problem with citrus in our landscapes. They are attracted to new flushes of growth in citrus trees, so avoid heavy uses of nitrogen fertilizer.

Here is a good control guide from UC Davis on citrus leaf miners. We also have control recommendations on our website found here.

You can also email us at the office ( or visit with our Master Gardeners for more help.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Scale Insects

Check out the photo. Do you see the white scale insect on this Pittosporum? That is a Cottony Cushion Scale insect at the adult stage. Pittosporum and citrus plants are typically their hosts.

Control can be done in a few ways:
- with horticultural oil, however crawler stage is the best time
- pruning, remove and destroy infested branches
- natural enemies such as tiny wasps

For more information visit:

You can also email us at the office ( or visit with our Master Gardeners for more help.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A program for landowners, managers, outdoors men and women and others interested in game habitat management, hunting, and best natural resource management practices brought to you by Leon and Thomas County Extension Offices.

Register online at
All information such as maps, schedules, etc, will be on the registration site.

10 September, 2010: White-tailed Deer Management, Taylor County Extension Office, Perry, FL

22 October, 2010: Vegetation Management for Upland Wildlife, Jones Ecological Center at Ichaway Plantation, Baker County, Newton, GA

4 February, 2011:Financing Conservation on Private Lands, Leon County Extension Office, Tallahassee, FL

18 March, 2011: Nuisance Animal Control, Trulock Plantation, Thomas County, GA

1 April, 2011: Wildlife Food Plots, Alford Greenway, Leon County, FL

29 April, 2011: Vegetation Management for Upland Wildlife, Dixie Plantation, Jefferson County, Monticello, FL

13 May, 2011: Balancing Timber & Wildlife for Upland Game, Cobey Property, Gadsden County, FL

Contact Thomas County Extension Office (229.225.4130) or Leon County Extension Office (850-606-5200) or visit the registration site if you have any questions.

Monday, October 11, 2010

3 Cornered Alfafa Hopper damage in peanuts

Look at the photo and see the girdeling above my finger. This is were the three cornered alfafa hopper fed. The leisions above are eggs deposited by the female.
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