Monday, March 31, 2008

Price Risk Management for Purchased Feed Users

If you are interested in manageing price risk of feed, then sign up for this informative workshop sponsored by University of Georgia, University of Tennessee, and CSREES.
You can call our office -Thomas County Extension at 229.225.4130 or Brooks County Extension office to sign up for the workshop.

Monday, April 7 • Quitman, GA
Brooks County Agriculture Building
400 East Courtland Avenue
Quitman, GA 31643

9:00 A.M. TO 3:00 P.M.
Pre-Registration Required
Includes a sponsored meal
No Registration Fee

Topics to be covered

Introduction to Risk Management
Participants will learn about sources of price risk
for purchased feed and have an overview of tools
available to help manage that price risk.

Using the Futures Market to Hedge or Lock-in a
Price for Feed
Participants will be introduced to the concept of
hedging and how they can use the futures market
to lock in a price or set a ceiling price for their
feed to be purchased at a future date.

Using Options (Puts) to Manage Price Risk for

Participants will learn how puts can be used to
set a ceiling price at a known cost.

Seasonal Tendencies of Feed Grains and Byproduct

Participants will learn about the price history of
feed grains and by-products and how this can be
helpful in timing purchases or pricing of feed.

Use of Charts to Improve Timing of Pricing
/Marketing Decisions

Participants will learn how technical analysis or
charting can be used to improve the timing of
pricing decisions in both the cash and futures

Price Outlook for Feed
Participants will learn about the current situation
and outlook for feed prices.

Follow Up Opportunities to Practice Price Risk

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Landscapers learn about irrigation audits

Landscapers spent the afternoon on March 18, 2008 learning about performing irrigation audits on irrigation systems. Previous studies have shown that 90% of irrigation systems surveyed could save an average of 20% in water savings. Participants learned the basics of irrigation audits from Dr. Kerry Harrison (UGA Ag and Biological Engineering), R.J. Byrne (UGA Thomas County Extension), and Jake Price (UGA Lowdnes County Extension). Data collected in the field can be analyzed with the use of software, and provide the user with a map to identify problems in irrigation systems. This information will help identify problem areas and allow the irrigation owner savings in both water use and also cost savings on a water bill. After the class and hands on demonstrations, participating landscapers agreed that on average they could reduce irrigation water use by +20% after conducting an audit on an irrigation system.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Steer & Heifer Show Winners

Grand Champion Heifer: J. Ben Smith Reserve Champion Heifer: Chelsea Brown
Grand Champion Steer: Chelsea Brown
Reserve Champion Steer: J. Ben Smith
Showmanship Winners:
Cloverbud: Georgia Smith
Cloverleaf: J. Ben Smith
Junior: Jonathan Stewart
Senior: Chelsea Brown

Hog Show Results

Grand Champion Hog: Hailey Parrish
Reserve Champion Hog: Erin Stringer
Showmanship Winners:
Cloverleaf: Hailey Parrish
Junior: Kaylin Tinsley
Senior: J.T. Wynn

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

UGA/USDA Conservation Tillage Workshop

Folks, if you are interested in learning about the latest research in conservation tillage, this workshop will benefit you.

UGA/USDA Conservation Tillage Workshop
March 31, 2008
Tifton, GA


8:00 – 9:00 AM Registration in the NESPAL building on the UGA Tifton Campus

9:00 Dr. Dana Sullivan, USDA-ARS Tifton and Dr. Gary L. Hawkins, UGA-Tifton

9:10 Coexistence of Conservation Tillage and Bioenergy production
Dr. Tim Strickland, USDA-ARS, Tifton

9:40 Low cost management of cotton crops
Jeff Dean, Farmer, Appling County

10:10 Water management with different cover crops
Dr. Gary L. Hawkins, UGA-Tifton

10:40 Corn response to long term conservation tillage
Dr. Dana Sullivan, USDA-ARS, Tifton

11:10 Winter crop biomass response to fall deep tillage
Dr. Randy Raper, USDA-ARS, Auburn, AL

11:40 Economic Impact of the 2007 Farm Bill on Conservation Tillage farmers
Amanda Ziehl, UGA-Tifton

12:10 Lunch

1:00 Field tour
Various cover crops
Various planting dates
Potential new crops

For more information, please contact our office via email or phone 229.225.4130

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Landscaper Irrigation Auditing

Calling all landscapers, and irrigation managers...

Improving Efficiency of Landscape Irrigation Systems

Learn How To Perform Irrigation Audits and Add Value

Where : Thomas County EMS Building, 1202 Remington Ave
When : Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
Who To Contact : UGA Thomas County Extension Office,
R.J. Byrne, 229.225.4130


(Classroom Session)

CONDUCT IRRIGATION AUDIT……...……………………………...2:35 - 4:00
(Perform live demonstration with hands on training)

(Pesticide Credits: 3 hours Cat.24 and private applicator have been applied for.)

Knowing how to conduct a landscape irrigation auditing is essential for anyone responsible for designing or managing irrigation systems on urban landscapes such as residential lawns, sports fields, parks, commercial properties, and golf courses. The audit procedure will also benefit municipalities and city water utility personnel, particularly those interested in developing urban water conservation programs. The presentation will introduce the participant to the basic step-by-step procedure to conduct a landscape irrigation audit. This training will provide you with the know-how to conduct audits and add this value-added service to your business.

A joint program of Lowndes and Thomas County Extension