Thursday, March 27, 2008

Landscapers learn about irrigation audits

Landscapers spent the afternoon on March 18, 2008 learning about performing irrigation audits on irrigation systems. Previous studies have shown that 90% of irrigation systems surveyed could save an average of 20% in water savings. Participants learned the basics of irrigation audits from Dr. Kerry Harrison (UGA Ag and Biological Engineering), R.J. Byrne (UGA Thomas County Extension), and Jake Price (UGA Lowdnes County Extension). Data collected in the field can be analyzed with the use of software, and provide the user with a map to identify problems in irrigation systems. This information will help identify problem areas and allow the irrigation owner savings in both water use and also cost savings on a water bill. After the class and hands on demonstrations, participating landscapers agreed that on average they could reduce irrigation water use by +20% after conducting an audit on an irrigation system.

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