Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Some tips to save on production costs...$$$

With the onset of higher production costs and a weaker greenback, here are a few common sense tips to save on some production costs this year:

- using reduced tillage compared to intensive tillage can reduce fuel costs up to 50%
- consistent travel patterns can save on fuel, crop inputs, and labor
- switching to florescent bulbs can have an expensive up front cost, but last longer and use less energy
- properly inflated tractor tires helps reduce slippage and fuel loss
- regularly scheduled tractor maintenance [air filters, fuel filters] helps keep tractors running at peak performance
- don't use a sub-soiler any deeper than necessary to break up compacted soil
- use of cover crops can capture some N and may help reduce commercial N fertilizer costs
- keep records, and you may find that you can save in other areas in future crop production

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