Monday, August 25, 2008

Preparing for Floods & Flash Foods

1. How to prepare should persons be isolated for several days; i.e., canned goods and water, etc. These are FACS pubs and can be found online as well:
There's also some good info about "Preparing for Floods and Flash Floods" on our Natural Disasters "Flooding" page at the following link (a PDF is available there for printing and distribution):

2. How and what documents to secure and protect from flooding. See the "If Time Permits, Protect Your Possessions" fact sheet located here:
This information is also included in the "What To Do Before and After A Flood" PDF fact sheet.

3. How to clean flooded areas / homes. See the "What To Do Before and After A Flood" fact sheet (mentioned in #2) -- particularly the "Restoring Vital Services" portion, which has lots of information on everything from cleaning household appliances to furniture to pillows to books, etc.

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