Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Local Farmers Look To Peanuts for Bio-diesel

Folks, we just had a short workshop on bio-diesel and you can read the news story below. If you are interested in learning about making bio-diesel, please let us know by emailing us so we can get you signed up for the next workshop, tentatively planned for February 2009.

Posted: 5:15 PM Sep 5, 2008
Last Updated: 5:15 PM Sep 5, 2008
Reporter: Caroline Blair
Email Address: caroline.blair@wctv.tv

Now many farmers are turning to peanuts to help ease the pain at the pump. The nuts are made up of nearly 50% oil.

The USDA's Peanut Bio-diesel Project began several years ago to help take peanuts from the field to the fuel tank.

And on Friday in Thomasville, area farmers got the chance to hear how the program is progressing and what they can do to start planning for a bio-diesel rich future.

"You know I spend anywhere from give to seven thousand dollars a month in fuel alone and if we could get the numbers they talk about at $2.50 a gallon that cuts my fuel costs in half, so you're looking to save $3000 a month," said local wildlife business owner Alan Dennard, who is very interested in making and using bio-diesel for his business.

Researchers say they are constantly working on ways to cut costs and that growing peanuts for fuel gives farmers control and independence.

The University of Georgia's Thomas County Extension Agency hosted the informative meeting with the USDA's Chris Butt's as guest speaker.

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