Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hunters Education Skills Challenge (ALBANY,GA)

The Hunter Education Skills Challenge offers participants an opportunity to advance their outdoor education skills through competition. The program includes events that simulate realistic conditions in order to reinforce and test a young hunter's skills and it would be a great opportunity for 4-H members.

Who can participate?
Any youth (18 years of age and younger) who have completed a hunter education course. The competition includes two divisions: Junior (14 years of age and younger) and Senior (ages 15-18).

How can I get involved?
Youth first compete in a local challenge. Saturday, August 29, 2009 at Chickasawhatchee WMA in Albany 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

How does it work?
Each challenge involves organized competition consisting of six components: archery, air rifle, safety trail challenge, orienteering, wildlife identification and a responsibility exam. Different components of the competition are worth different points for a maximum possible score of 500. The top 10 scoring participants at each local challenge event (in each division) are eligible to participate in the state challenge.

ArcheryComprised of 10 three-dimensional animal targets. Scoring is based on the Archery Shooters Association scoring system. Maximum score: 120

Air RiffleComprised of 10 shots at 10 yards. Shooters shoot two shots at each approved position in the Georgia Hunter Education Guide Book and two shots in their preferred position. Maximum score: 100

Wildlife IdentificationComprised of 20 items (hides, skulls, pictures, tracks, etc.) that participants have to identify. Maximum score: 100

Safety Trail ChallengeComprised of six locations at which a shooter must decide if they have a safe shot. There are six locations. Maximum score: 60

OrienteeringComprised of six flagged spots. Each participant must correctly take bearings and write down degrees of location. Maximum score: 60

ResponsibilityWritten test comprised of 30 questions that participants must answer. Maximum score: 60

The Hunter Education Skills Challenge offers youth an opportunity to advance their outdoor education skills through competition. This is an advanced hunter education program that takes youth who have received their hunter education to the next level by transferring the skills they learn in the classroom into the outdoors.

Volunteers are needed at event venues to help youth in the various competitive sections. Volunteers can help with all components, including archery, air-rifle, orienteering, shoot/don't shoot scenarios, wildlife identification and the responsibility exam. Most challenges are two to three hours. If you would like to help at one of the events, please contact Jennifer Pittman at 770.918.6416 or

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