Thursday, January 28, 2010

Burn Permits

Did you know that you need a burn permit for to burn yard debris?

It is very easy to get a burn permit from the Georgia Forestry Commission.
Simply dial 877.OK2.BURN (877.652.2876) or your local forestry unit (Thomas County is 229.225.4003), or visit

Here is a little part of what you will see when you visit

From this page you can apply for a Daily Permit. See boxes below.

From this page you can obtain a burning permit for yard debris type burns such as leaf piles and small limb piles (approximately 6' x 6' or smaller). Fires should not be initiated before 8:00 am and should be completely extinguished before dark. In highly populated areas burning should be conducted from 10:00am until 30 minutes before dark. If you are burning large brush piles or conducting an acreage burn please contact your local county office of the Georgia Forestry Commission.

Hope this helps!

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