Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Aquatic Plant Control Training, Tifton, GA

Needing some tips on how to control that pond weed? Or should I say pond weeds?

Below is some information on an upcoming workshop with Dr. Gary Burtle, University of Georgia Pond specialist. Just contact him for any information.

Aquatic weed control will be discussed in a classroom setting. Aquatic plants will be identified, using samples. Herbicide applicators, pond owners and county agents are asked to bring weed and water samples for examination and demonstration. 4 hours of aquatic herbicide applicator credit, category 26, have been applied for.

Program for Aquatic Plant Control Workshop

Date: December 17, 2010

Location: Blackshank Farm Meeting Room, off N. Carpenter Road, Tifton, GA

Contact: Gary Burtle, gburtle@uga.edu, 229-386-3364

Registration Fee: $10.00 fee is requested to cover a box lunch for all participants and literature handouts. A powerpoint presentation will be made during the lunch period.


10:00 AM Aquatic plant identification and invasive aquatic plant species

11:00 AM Chemical control of aquatic plants, new chemical labels

12:00 PM Lunch

12:30 PM Effective aquatic chemical application

1:00 PM Safety in aquatic chemical application

1:30 PM Alternatives to chemical control of aquatic plants

2:00 PM Exotic or invasive aquatic animals

2:30 PM Fish toxicants for pond fish population renovation

3:00 PM Adjourn


Northtexasturf said...

Hey guy, just wanted to let you know we APPRECIATE the training. I just wish it was REQUIRED training for some of us.
Thanks again, we appreciate the effort

Hancey said...

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