Monday, December 22, 2008

Pork Quality Assurance Training - PQA+ and the TQA Training

What: Pork Quality Assurance Training - PQA+ and the TQA Training
When: January 9, 2009
Where: Tifton Conference Center - Tifton, Georgia - Rooms 4 & 5
Audience: Commercial Pork Producers or Facility Managers

Dr. Robert Dove will be teaching the classes.
10:00-12:00- PQA +
1:30-4:30 TQA
There is no charge for the classes.
If you need further information, please contact Ken Lewis with UGA Cooperative Extension at 229-386-3812

The PQA+ and the TQA training being discussed are for the producers in the state. Producers need both of these certificates to be able to sell their animals to major packers. In the past County Agents were able to do the PQA training, however when PQA+ was introduced, agents and teachers were no longer included in the group of potential instructors. The PQA certificates were grandfathered until they expired. Many of them will expire in the next year and state faculty will have to conduct trainings to educate the producers.
Currently, there are 2 people in the state that can give PQA+ training (Dr. Robert Dove and Dr. David Reeves) and Robert is the only one trained to give the TQA training. Most (if not all) major packer that we are currently hauling to are requiring the PQA+ and most will require TQA by the end of 2009.

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