Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Household Water Quality Information

If you are having issues with your well water or municipal water supply, check out these publications. They may help you identify your problems.

You can also bring samples of water to us for testing. We have guidlines for bringing in water for testing, and there are fees associated with water testing. Please call the office for more info or keep posted to our website for information on the fees.

1 Protecting your Well and Well Head (HACE 858-1)

2 Testing for Water Quality (HACE 858-2)

3 Home Water Quality and Treatment (HACE 858-3)

4 Shock Chlorination (HACE 858-4)

5 Nitrate in Water (HACE 858-5)

6 Pesticides (HACE 858-6)

7 Coliform Bacteria in Your Water (HACE 858-7)

8 Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfate (HACE 858-8)

9 Corrosion or Scaling Water (HACE 858-9)

10Lead and Copper (HACE 858-10)

11Iron and Manganese (HACE 858-11)

12Arsenic in Your Water (HACE 858-12)

13Mercury in Your Water (HACE 858-13)

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