Friday, July 31, 2009

Thomas County 4H Shooters Aim High

Thomas County 4H Shooters Aim High
(WCTV6 Interview. "Click the above link to view")

One of the best 4H Shooting programs in the state resides in Thomas County, where year in and year out, the ultimate goal is within shooting distance.
"We're two time National Champions," Don Clark says, "We've won State several times. We've won high individuals, placed as individuals and as teams. Thomas County SAFE Program has had a lot of success. We're real proud of what our young people have done."

7th through 12th grade, boy and girl, it's a program that anyone can succeed at, if they put in the work. Jon Wynn says, "You've got to have concentration skills, you've got to be patient. You've got to handle pressure."

Chelsea Vinson adds, "You just have to come out here and practice. You can be just as good as the guys. It took a while for me to get up with them but once you get up with them it's fun."
And, according to Clark, safe as well.

Clark says, "We've never had an accident in Georgia in any of our county programs across the state. We teach these young people how to handle guns safely and we're teaching them a sport they can carry throughout their life."

That's a goal they all are shooting for.

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